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vegan/vegetarian nutritional consults -hillcrest (durban)

Kaz Wilson's use of Hippocrates Oath as her motto reflects the lifestyle at Moontree Organics Herb Farm. Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Thy Food. Kaz (Owner of Moontree, based in Assagay, Hillcrest - near Durban) is a qualified nutritionist and herbalist, specializing in Vegan/Plant-Based and Vegetarian diets. 

Kaz works with anyone who is keen to bring their body into balance. Kaz is also a horticulturalist and Iyengar yoga teacher. She provides Plant-based cooking courses and catering services. With her abundant knowledge and foodie talent, who better to guide you on your new, delicious, super-nutrition adventure? 

Nutritional Consults are R500\hour. They can also be done virtually (Zoom/Online/Phone). 

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