Welcome back to the second edition of our newsletter! 

There is always so much happening in our lives and on the farm and in the community gardens with Imifino, that sometimes we find it difficult to stop and take a breath and look back and see what has transpired in the recent past!

One of our mottos is that nature waits for no-one!
And recently nature certainly has provided a spectacular show, which just keeps rolling onwards!
We have witnessed a beautifully powerful solstice, mid winters eve, five visible planets lined up perfectly in the early morning sky and our dear moon waning into an incredible Lilith new moon. Besides the wonderous cosmic events, we have watched with wonder, the blossoming of our beautiful aloes and all the incredible winter flowers, providing nourishment for hungry bees and other pollinators, as we move into deep winter!

Work on the herb farm also transitions into a new phase of harvesting, pruning, cleaning and composting, planning and preparing new beds and maintaining the seed production to ensure we have seedlings for early spring planting!  
It is always a yearly ritual to harvest turmeric and Echinacea root, it is a process that invokes a deep sense of gratitude and love for our dear earth, that gifts us these treasures each season. These two incredible roots, provide so much medicine to sustain us over the winter months and well into the new year! 


Another exciting event which we have recently initiated at Moontree farm, is the introduction of  Moontree Sessions! 

We have opened up the stage at the farm to host original live music/art shows. It is a place where we can gather around a fire, share ideas, stories and support local artists, whilst savouring delicious wholesome plant based food slowly cooked over a wood fire. We have hosted two events recently and look forward to the next event in August! 


As far as our community upliftment Imifino goes, we have continued our support for families in need in the lower Molweni area, where the effects of the floods are still having such an impact on peoples lives. We are lucky to have the support of the Angel Network Durban and the South African Board of Jewish Deputies, who have generously assisted with food donations for those in need.  We are also setting up a beautiful garden center in Molweni, which includes rain water harvesting, a seedling nursery, compost stations and a lovely outdoor training venue under a beautiful indigenous Ficus natalensis (natal fig tree) is so exciting. 



What we are finding each time we venture further into the communities, is that there is  a huge need for assistance for disabled people. We have come across some heart breaking stories, where people with no access to wheelchairs and mobility aids are literally crawling on the ground to get around!

Life is not easy in the rural communities, and being disabled makes it so much more challenging for the disabled and their carers. You can help by sharing our stories or contributing in any way, so that we can facilitate assistance for those in real need.

We will be announcing dates for upcoming workshops, retreats and events. Follow us on social media and lets spread the word of love, natural healing, organic lifestyle and nurturing and care for our beautiful earth!! The time is now to make changes and stay connected to nature!
Special thanks to Halfway Ford Waterfall, the Angel Network Durban and the South African  Board of Jewish Deputies for keeping us going!