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herbal workshops - hillcrest, durban

Moontree Organics Herbal Workshops are created with the aim of encouraging more people to become involved in growing and using herbs to heal and restore equilibrium into their lives, to be able to heal from the kitchen and garden and gain more understanding on the safety and techniques used for the correct drying and preserving of the herbs.


There are a series of courses, covering:

  • starting a herb garden

  • companion planting

  • organic insecticides

  • harvesting and drying your herbs

  • making salves, tinctures and other home remedies

All our herbal workshops take place on our beautiful Herb Farm in Assagay, Hillcrest, near Durban.


Moontree's Herbal Workshops are on hold due to Covid. 

To be notified when they resume, please complete our Contact Form with the SUBJECT: HERBAL COURSES