grow a new body -
yoga retreat
at pumula - 
south coast

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Kaz Wilson, Nutritionist and a living example of someone who has overcome an autoimmune disease, will facilitate Grow a New Body (GANB) retreat. Kaz has been working with this programme since 2019 where it changed everything for her, in a positive way. There have been many people who have gone through this life changing program and have had huge results and now have the tools to incorporate this way of living into their lives.

From the time we’re in the womb we suffer ongoing free radical damage to mitochondria, the fuel factories in our cells. This damage begins with our mother’s diet, and builds up from environmental toxins, pesticides, and stress, until it manifests later as disease. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and all degenerative diseases of the brain have in common free-radical damage and mitochondrial breakdown.


With more than 25 years of experience as a medical anthropologist, Dr Alberto Villoldo, the author of this Grow a New Body book, is also a psychologist and Shaman, studied the healing practices of the Amazon and Andean Shamans while living amongst these medicine men and woman. He discovered that you can repair your brain and heal your body in as little as a week by re-activating your cellular detox and free-radical scavenging systems that have shut down with age and turn on your health and longevity proteins (Sirt1 genes).


The shamans found that they could grow a new body that allowed them to live in extraordinary health. They learned how to switch off the “death clock” inside every cell, and turn on the “immortality” genes that reside in password-protected regions of our DNA. The shamans of old were truly masters of prevention. Grow a New Body offers shamanic practices alongside cutting-edge science, detox strategies, and power-plant foods that can switch-on every cell’s ability to regenerate and repair.



Pumula RATES

Our retreat’s rates for twin shared for the size and type of rooms are as follows:

Main house:

Sunrise (sea view, private bathroom): R 2 800

Duiker (sea view, private bathroom): R 2 800

Loerie (forest view, ensuite): R 2 800

Hyrax (forest view, shared bathroom): R 2 500



Hornbill (forest view, shared bathroom): R 2 600

Bushbuck (forest view, shared bathroom): R 2 600

Mdoni (forest view, ensuite): R 2 800


Single rooms are available for an extra charge of R 1 000.

Iyenga Yoga Instructor South Africa-Kaz

iyengaR yoga TEACHER -

kaz wilson

The retreat includes:

  • 3 restorative and energizing yoga sessions

  • 4 cooking demos & nutritional talks

  • 1hr guided forest walk

  • 5 delicious nutritious plant-based meals (sugar-free & wheat-free)

  • 2 nights accommodation



Friday :

5pm: arrival welcome

5.30 - 6.30pm: Restorative Yoga Dinner

7.30pm: Nutritional Talk


6.30-8.30am: Sunrise Yoga & gentle energising Pranayama class

8.45am: Breakfast

9.30am: Nutritional Demo

12.30pm: Lunch

2pm: Nutritional Demo

4pm - 5pm: Guided Forest Walk

6.30pm: Dinner


7-9am: Sunrise Yoga & gentle energising Pranayama

10am: Brunch

11am: Nutritional Demo

12.30pm: Goodbye